Top Picked Motorcycle Wheel Lights

May 16, 2023

After buying your favorite motorcycle, you might want to enhance its look and safety on the road. Adding more lighting will not only keep you safe by making your motorcycle visible in the dark, but in fact, it will also make your motorcycle look stunning.

By installing motorcycle wheel lights, you will remain visible to the other riders on the road, which is a must for safety. If you want to install motorcycle wheel lights, look for durable yet high-quality ones that will not leave you in the middle of the night while riding on the road. Here in this article, we have compiled different ways to add wheel lighting to your motorcycle and the best motorcycle wheel lights you can pick for your motorcycle.

Our Top Picks of the Best Motorcycle Wheel Lights

Let's have a look at our top picks of the best motorcycle wheel lights, ideal for taking your car's appearance to the next level!

1. 2021 Newest LED Illuminated Wheel Ring Light Kit

These LED-illuminated wheel ring light kits by KingShowstar illuminate with brake and turn signals. This product is the newest in the market and has some unique specifications. Along with that, it has some amazing characteristics that make it a value-added product.

Features of LED Illuminated Wheel Ring Light Kit

  • ● This LED-illuminated wheel ring light kit has a BT controller and Wi-Fi app and comes with an RGBW color scheme.

  • ● The kit comes with 4 pieces of rings per set and a full year of warranty.

  • ● These motorcycle wheel lights are heavy-duty, versatile, and have an upgraded design with anti-oppression and 360-degree mounting features.

  • ● These motorcycle wheel lights are made of heavy aluminum, making it possible for them to stand at heat temperatures.

  • ● They are waterproof; no matter how much the wheels roll into the puddle of water, these wheel ring lights will not damage. This kit comes with a durable silicon tube and a waterproof plug.

  • KingShowStar Motorcycle Wheel Lights

2. RGBW Waterproof Wheel Chair Light Weight LED Wheel Ring Light

This LED kit differs from other products in the market. KingShowstar's team is dedicated to paying a lot of attention to the selection of raw materials used in manufacturing their products.

Before being sent to the market, these lights are inspected by the QC inspectors. These RGBW waterproof lights have a total lifespan of 50000 hours and can be placed on either side of your motorcycle.

Features of RGBW Waterproof Wheel Chair Light Weight LED Wheel Ring Light

  • ● These LED lights are made of aluminum, and the wheel ring comes in a diameter of 16.9 inches, featuring 312 LEDs.

  • ● You can smartly control these lights from your smartphone by using the app.

  • ● These motorcycle wheel lights are heavy-duty, versatile, and have a 360 degree of oppression and mounting.

  • ● This kit comes with 16 solid colors that are dimmable, and their speed can also be adjusted through the controller. The lights can also be synchronized with the music beats, as the kit comes with the DIY and music functions.

  • ● The wires can be easily connected, and it is completely waterproof. Because of their thick and heavy-duty aluminum material, these LED lights can bear high heat temperatures.

3. Customized Rim Light Car Wheel Light

This amazing cool white colored light is for universal use. With an input voltage of DC 12V, this one of the unique motorcycle wheel lights gives off a lumen flux of 8000. It doesn’t end here; it has bundles of other key features too. Hop on below to learn more!

Features of Customized Rim Light Car Wheel Light

  • ● These motorcycle wheel lights come in a kit that has 4 pieces of aluminum wheel lights.

  • ● One thousand one hundred fifty-two pieces 4 row bright and wide-angled LEDs are featured in the strip.

  • ● These lights have an RF controller box which is handy for controlling these LED lights.

  • ● They fit any wheel type and have reliable silicone tubes, along with waterproof plug-and-plays.

  • ● The manufacturers provide their users with lifetime technical support and two years of warranty for the product.

  • Motorcycle Wheel Lights

4. Professional 15/17in Double Side White LED Wheel Light

With 22 dynamic modes and 16 million color options, this RGB effect wheel light is ideal for every motorbike. It has a versatile upgrade design with 360" of mounting and anti-oppression. Other key features are listed below.

Features of Professional 15/17in Double Side White LED Wheel Light

  • ● This professional double-sided white LED wheel lights kit includes 4 pieces of 15.5 inches LED wheel ring lights.

  • ● This kit has 20 stainless brackets and 20 anchor screws for effective product installation.

  • ● These come with a Bluetooth app controller and a 4 keys RF remote controller.

  • ● These LEDs are dust-proof, shockproof, and rustproof. You can easily install these wheel lights on your motorcycle's wheels.

  • ● The cables can remain waterproof for 1-4 years because of the silicone polymer coating.

5. NEWEST Double Row LED Wheel Rings RGBW Colors

This newest double-row LED wheel ring RGBW kit has amazing characteristics. At the same time, its key functions include the red light for the brake and the amber-colored light for the turning signal of the motorcycle. Hop on below for more information!

Features of NEWEST Double Row LED Wheel Rings RGBW Colors

  • ● It comes with a BT controller, light-dimming features, and other lighting modes.

  • ● The included smartphone control box executes millions of solid colors that can be accessed through the app.

  • ● This kit comes with 3 pin connector, a 4-port splitter wire, 8 clip-on brackets that are adjustable, and 40 bolts/nuts/locking washers.

  • ● The LED kit also includes an installation manual.

  • ● It has a free lifetime of technical support with a one-year limited warranty.


There must be a lot of motorcycle wheel lights in the market, but not every product is worth buying. When buying an LED wheel kit for your motorcycle, it is very important to research and chooses the best quality for long-term usage.

In this article, we have listed and elaborated the key features of the best quality motorcycle wheel lights by KingShowstar. They manufacture solid and waterproof products with the latest technology of smartphone app controllers. Visit their website to learn more!

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