How to Install ATV Whip Lights?

September 01, 2022

If you're someone who often goes off-roading with your pack, there are many instances when you would have wanted to decorate your precious vehicle and make it all set for the journey. ATV whip lights are the perfect flare, you can install them on your motorbikes, dirt bikes, 4X4s, and trucks. These lights will not only enhance your vehicle by giving it a unique effect but will also set it apart from the rest of the group. Want to know what these lights are and how can you install them? Hop on below.

What are ATV Whip Lights?

Lights can enhance anything, anywhere, and when installed on vehicles, they give a great vibe. ATV Whip lights are lights that stand erect like a flag on any vehicle you want and, when off-roading, gives a fantastic look. It will set you apart and give your vehicle a distinct look that people can observe from afar. However, while many people find this light great, installing them seems like a task. If you want to know how to install ATV whip lights, hop on below.

How to Install ATV Whip Lights?

1. Mounting the Light Base

The first step is locating the perfect hole on the vehicle's rear end. The hole might either be near the bumper, hidden with a bolt, or you can drill on yourself. You can always use the flag pole area on off-road vehicles too. Now, you will have to remove the base of the ATV whip lights by turning it counterclockwise. Turn the black plastic base in a counterclockwise position and remove the ATV whip light from it. Set the ATV Whip light on the top of the hole and mount it. From the lower end, bring the power cord and slip it along the lights. Reattach the bolt and tighten it in a clockwise manner. 

2. Running Wire to the Battery

Firstly, strip off about 1.3 cm of the power wire and keep it apart. There are chances that the remaining wires might be short and won't reach the battery. This isn't something to worry about because you can always add additional wires. Now, plug the stripped wires into a connector for splicing and connect an 18-gauge wire to the other end of the connector. Now measure the distance from the lights to the battery to ensure the correct wiring. Cutting an 18 gauge will be tricky, so always use a measuring tape. Once you know the correct length, cut the 18-gauge wire with pliers. Route it to the battery, connect it, and then run the wires through both the back and front end of the vehicles.

3. Installing the Inline Fuse

To install an inline fuse, route the wires from the front of the dashboard. Once the wires are visible and upfront, trim them from the initial length so that the copper wires beneath the rubber part of the wire are visible. Twist the copper wires to fit them in an electrical connector. Take an inline fuse holder or buy one if your car doesn't have, and then pull the red power wire in one end of the inline fuse holder.

4. Connecting the Wire to the Battery

· Cut the length of the red wire to connect the fuse and battery.

· Now secure the red wire with a ring terminal.

· Take a wrench and start loosening and removing the nuts from the battery cable of your vehicle.

· Now, on the positive end of the battery terminal attach the red wiring.

· The black wire will be placed on the negative node.

5.  Install and Check Lights

Secure all loose ends and bind the connectors with electrical tape. Once all security measures have been taken, it is time to check the lights. If your steps faltered and the lights didn't work, we suggest you head to a professional servicer. They would know where the mistake lies and, in a few simple steps, would ensure that your ATV whip lights are working perfectly.

KingShowstar The ATV Whip Lights Provider for your Vehicle

Now that you have learned how to install an ATV Whip Light, it is obvious that you need to buy one before installing it. Well, while many places sell ATV whip lights, trusting the quality and genuine-ty is a massive risk when it comes to vehicle equipment. However, with KingShowstar, this isn't an issue. The company has been operating for years now and deals in exceptional quality vehicle equipment. One of our most sold products and something all our customers trust us the most with is our ATV Whip lights. These whip lights not only enhance your vehicle but give it a unique look making it stand apart. So, if you are someone who plans on buying some exceptional quality Whip Lights, we might be your best for it.


ATV whip lights are pretty easy to install, and with KingShowstar in the picture, we have made its purchase so much more convenient. So, get your hands on our exceptional ATV whip lights and install them yourself.

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