Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Wheel Lights

July 14, 2022

Motorcycles add joy and excitement to the lives of countless people. Going on a trip to the countryside on a bike offers an experience that can't be enjoyed in other forms of transportation. Nonetheless, like any other automobile, parts replacement and service is a hassle everyone has to go through. Motorcycle wheel lights are more and more popular accessories that people will select for their motorbikes.


Regarding LED wheel lights for motorcycles, these lights are quite rough and tough and offer high durability. They are installed on the wheels, making durability and reliability a huge factor in your purchase decision. Many people think of them as a waste of money and energy and think that they are only used for show-off and beautification. LED wheel lights offer loads of advantages for riders which we will discuss later in this article. So please stick with us while we run you through the features, advantages, and disadvantages.  

Benefits of using Motorcycle Wheel Lights

Most of the modifications either result in degradation of life span or poor bike performance. However, it's not the case with LED wheel lights as they don't impact performance or reliability and provide many added benefits. Some of the benefits are listed and discussed below.

Energy Efficient 

LED wheel lights for motorcycles are made of many tiny LED lamps connected to a simple circuit board, making them extremely lightweight. These LEDs produce minimal to no heat and still are quite bright and visible at night due to their property of emitting light in a concentrated manner.

LED wheel lights are relatively easy to install as opposed to other bulbs. They use minimal energy, and the quality of light emissions puts high-powered lights to shame. They also reduce E-waste due to their longevity, thus reducing the carbon footprint and contributing to a cleaner and greener world.

Longer Lifespan

LED wheel lights have a significantly extended service period than normal incandescent light bulbs. LED lights often outlive the regular bulb by 15-20 times. Comparable to halogen lights, they can match the intensity while using 85% less energy to produce the same output. Due to their rigid structure and little to no moving parts, they are shock resilient and quite immune to the shocks that the bikes produce.

LED wheel lights are well-protected and resilient to climatic conditions and physical factors due to their high-quality build material and waterproofing. These bulbs usually fade with time which is a warning sign that you should change them, unlike regular lights, which can leave you stranded in darkness within a second without warning. 

Night time Visibility 

Besides beautification and looks, an important purpose of LED wheel lights is nighttime visibility. It enhances the rider's visibility, enabling them to judge their surroundings better. They also act as a source of illumination for others on the road, and most importantly, the lights make the biker visible, consequently avoiding accidents.


While LED wheel lights are trying to find their way to the customers, trends are transforming due to the competition and wide variety of choices. However LED lights are a little costlier than the regular lights or incandescent ones. One thing is for sure, you wouldn't regret investing in led lights in the near future due to their superiority over the regular lights or incandescent ones and the added benefit of costing less in the longer run.

Environment Friendly 

LEDs, unlike the older technology, can direct 95% of power to function along with lesser heat generation or wastage. Their new and innovative design is energy efficient as well as better functioning. Due to all this energy-saving, it can withstand up to 10 times longer, reducing E-waste, thus contributing to the betterment of the society. 


Halogen headlights are a combination of several lamps on their surface, also known as eyes. In contrast, LEDs, on the other hand, can light several areas by redirecting LED lights in other directions. LED wheel lights are ideal for the rider that loves variety and styling as these lights can be set to high or low beams. You can also customize your individual LED to be lit in different colors. 


The Best Motorcycle Wheel Lights

Quality is a major problem when it comes to buying stuff. Few questions arise in your mind, like, is it worth paying the extra bucks for better quality? Don't worry about that, as Kingshowstar provides the best quality lights at highly competitive prices. Here we have short-listed a few LED wheel lights by Kingshowstar that are super economical and most sought after amongst the biker squad. 


Professional 15/17in RGBW Double Side LED Wheel Light

These lights can be attached to your wheels and be set to display funky colors thanks to the RGB. The strong aluminum frame can easily withstand high temperatures. The LED lights and frame are waterproof and can resist high pressure and shocks. These super bright LED lights are some of the brightest you can find on the market, making them the best choice.

Kingshowstar Led Chasing Waterproof Wheel Lights

This super bright LED wheel light is the latest addition to Kingshowstar's collection. LEDs and frames are waterproof, and the strong aluminum wheel is light and can easily deal with high pressure and temperatures. It can be fitted accordingly to different sizes of vehicles. Kingshowstar provides this LED wheel light with two years of warranty and lifetime technical support.


Kingshowstar Led White Color Wheel Light

This waterproof, super-bright LED wheel light is something you should have on your bike if you want to make a statement. The controllable RGB lights come with a remote with 22 different kinds of modes. Kingshowstar provides Lifetime technical support with two years of warranty. The strong build quality makes it a great choice.


The Bottom Line

Kingshowstar has a huge variety of wheel lights. The customization and alteration that motorcycle wheel lights provide will only make your traveling safer and your journey relaxing. However choosing the right wheel lights is crucial because your lights should not be bright that the person coming from the opposite direction gets distracted.

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