Best LED Rock Lights for Your Truck

May 10, 2023

Rock lights, also known as under-vehicle lights, are tiny LED lights that mount to the underneath of your truck. These lights' original purpose was to shine a light on the ground beneath and in front of the vehicle, illuminating rocks and other impediments.

This greatly eases and secures off-road navigation while minimizing harm to crucial suspension and driveline parts. Rock lights are still employed for this purpose but are also commonplace on show trucks. Static color options and RGB kits let you switch between colors and patterns at the touch of a button or via a mobile app.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best LED Rock Lights for your truck, but first, let's find out why you need one.

Rock lights greatly improve raised and severely modified pickup trucks since they may be used for off-road navigation at night or to emphasize your vehicle's suspension and brake parts. When displaying your truck at night, they may make all the difference. They are simple to install and come in a wide range of colors.

What Are Rock Lights?

Small lights enclosed in hard casings called "rock lights" are frequently installed beneath the body of a vehicle to illuminate the area below. Rock lights are available in a wide range of designs.

There are static single-color rock lights and RGB color-changing LED rock lights. Others have a collection of tiny LEDs, while others have a solitary light bulb. The lights are frequently enclosed in a metal or sturdy plastic because of the circumstances off-roaders desire, which can withstand physical harm, weather issues, and even lengthy use and tear.

LED Truck Rock Lights

Installing Rock Lights

Here is how you can install the rock light in your truck.

  • ● Finding the best location for your rock lights should be your priority. The flat areas beneath your car, which you can easily puncture, are what we advise. If you only have curved spots and no appropriate flat surfaces, A curved silicone mount is included with the Cup series lights to help you place it securely.

  • ● The cable from the light's center is guided and moved to the side by a little silicone base on the trophy line rock lights. Additionally, it has a hole in its middle for the wire to pass through. If you wanted to use the center hole, you would need to drill a hole in your truck.

  • ● You can either pre-drill the holes and employ a long nut and bolt to secure the screws or use screws that must pass through the frame. If you need to puncture metal, we advise pre-drilling the holes; however, if it's plastic, it's simple; in that case, just use the screws.

  • ● Repeat these steps for every light, placing them uniformly around the floor of your car once you have the piece mounted.

  • ● After completing that, feed the cable through the body, zip-tying each wire to its proper location. You can control your own cables to avoid tangling them in moving parts or melting them on your exhaust.

  • ● All of them wired to the power supply should be filtered. You have three options for connecting: either directly with the battery, the fusible link, or an ACC.

  • ● Although every vehicle is unique, the basic step of connecting your wires to a source of power is the same. You have two options: you can tap into pre-existing wires or connect to the source directly.

  • ● Once you have electricity, you may adjust the lights' colors, navigate through their flashing modes, or sync them to music by using the remote control or the Bt phone app.

Rock Lights' Advantages At A Glance

Here are the advantages of installing rock lights on your truck.

Usually, on foggy nights driving becomes really a task. According to that Rock light helps in driving at night. Moreover, these articles are made for the roughest trials. Flexible uses, from camping lights to rock lights to area lights, can be connected as courtesy lights for when the doors open. They presume Low electricity usage (around 5W per light) And sincerely...? They simply have cool looks.

Rock Lights' Limitations

The restrictions and drawbacks of rock lights are quite negligible. The major drawback of rock lights is that wiring them might take longer. You frequently operate in already restricted locations underneath the car when wiring them.

Additionally, you want the cables to be neatly routed and out of the way so that they can't possibly tangle with anything while off-roading. Finally, running all the wires for the rock lights takes a lot of time. Your wiring time will be greatly accelerated if you can find someone who has a lift.

LED Rock Lights for Truck

Upgraded RGBW Neon Pure Colour Underglow Lights Manufacture

Consider purchasing the upgraded RGBW 36LED rock lights to improve your off-roading experience. Your safety on the trails will be improved by greater visibility.

When you switch on these lights, which each include three RGB LEDs, you'll stun everyone around you! You can choose from 1.2 million colors and control them with an app.

These LED rock lights for your trucks are available. This indicates that they are resistant to dust and water under high pressure and steam pressure. One of the toughest rock lights on the market, these lights have also undergone shock and impact testing.

The upgraded RGBW lighting system is made to withstand the harshest circumstances. It is the authority in off-road vehicles.

They are extremely water resistant and have an IP69K rating. To assure endurance, they are additionally impact tested. This rock light kit is a good option if you need one that can withstand repeated off-road use.


In this article, we have discussed some of the best LED Rock Lights for your truck. Do check them out before buying one for your truck. At last, modifying your truck with rock light is an ideal option no matter what.

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