A Complete Guide to Under Car Neon Lights

November 18, 2022

Under Car Neon Lights are becoming a trendy way of offering your ride a unique aesthetic while making it detectable on the dark road. Do you want your automobile to race along the road like Fast & Furious?While fiberglass exterior parts and massive chromies are still challenging to locate, Under Car Neon Lights installations are now easier than ever because of the introduction of affordable and long-lasting lighting systems. In this article, we will go over the installation of Under Car Neon Lights and where you can get these magnificent lighting for your fun journey at a minimal cost.

What Are Under Car Neon Lights?

The concept of modifying automobiles to boost their aesthetics is not new; it has existed for a long time. The choices are multiple, from adding decals and body kit art to the most well-known and attractive one, neon lights. Neon lights are not only affordable, but they are also adaptable. Other than making the car appear fantastic; they also give a better insight on the road to ensure safe drive.

under car neon lights

How to Install Under Car Neon Lights?

Step 01: Remove the lights from the Under Car Neon Lights kit and arrange them on the car. The two longer lights will be fitted behind the car doors, while you will install the lesser lights beneath the front and back bumpers. Install the hardware for each light. Two mounting brackets and four self-taping metal screws will come with each tube.

Step 02: Raise the car's hood and secure it with the hood-prop rod. Choose an ideal spot for the control box close to the battery, and fasten it with two-sided tape. The positive and the negative wires should be positioned toward the battery, and the light sockets should face the back of the car.

Step 03: First, detach the negative battery cable with the battery wrench, followed by the positive battery connection with the battery spanner.

Step 04: Attach the underglow light tubes to the vehicle's underside, beginning at the front. Set the light tube firmly, slip the mounting brackets over it and tighten the self-taping screws through the bracket and into the car. Continue for each tube until all four are positioned beneath the car.

Step 05: Remove the light tube wiring kit; there will be five wires with male terminals. Connect one side of the first wire to the control box, route it to the front bumper light, and plug it in. Link the second cord from the contrary direction of the first light tube to the input source of the driver's side light tube. Plug the third wire into the rear light tube's input from the opposite side of the driver's side light tube. Link the fourth line from the contrary direction of the rear light tube to the input on the passenger side window light tube. Hook the fifth wire from the end of the passenger's side light tube to the ground socket on the circuit board.

Step 06: Secure the light tube connecting wires to the bottom of the vehicle with the included cord hooks. Install the wires where they may come into direct contact with mechanical parts. Maintain all cables at least 30 cm away from the car's exhaust system. Allow no section of the wire to hang beneath the car.

Step 07: Remove the toggle switch and the wiring box. Install the drill bit that matches the length of the toggle switch installation sleeve into the power drill.

Locate the toggle switch's position and drill the installation socket. Screw the rubber nut over the toggle switch installation sleeve to make it hand-tight, then insert the toggle switch into the holes drilled.

Step 08: Connect the two red wires of the toggle switch. The circuit frame connection will hook to the pack (the junction block will be beside the battery), and the toggle switch connector A will attach to the power supply. You will connect the control box to the toggle switch connector B via the second red wire (without a fuse block). Slide both toggle switch cables through the rubber grommet, where the wire connection joins the vehicle through the firewall. Join the connected cable terminal to A, and the non-fused cord terminal to B. Fasten the non-fused wire to the positive connector on the control box.

Step 09: Connect the fused wire to the positive battery terminal and the positive battery terminal to the positive battery post with the battery adapter. Hook the control box's negative line to the negative end socket, then use the battery socket to solder the junction to the negative battery power outlet. Switch on the toggle switch to confirm that all the light tubes are functioning.

under car neon lights Kingshowstar

Where Can You Get Under Car Neon Lights?

Do you wish to get these Under Car Neon Lights at a reasonable price from a reputed manufacturer? KingShowstar offers both high-quality products and customizable services. Their customer service is exceptional, which motivates consumers to buy more things. For delivering high-quality services to clients, they have created a production management system to govern the raw material quality, manufacturing quality, and completed product quality. KingShowstar provides an excellent range of LED Lights for your vehicle. Their Under Car Neon Lights are in high demand since they transform your prized vehicle into a roaring fireball.


Installing Under Car Neon Lights is not a complex process, but if you want a step-by-step tutorial to ensure proper installation, this article covers everything. In this piece, we have briefly discussed each step of installing the Under Car Neon Lights. If you are a one-time clever buyer who wants authentic products, KingShowstar is for you. You can get your automobile equipment, such as lights and other accessories, from KingShowstar for a very affordable price.

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